Professional, accurate,

aligned with your goals.

Personal, Business & Crypto Currency Taxes and Accounting are personal and personalized;
that’s why individuals and corporations prefer Bree Beers & Associates, P.C.

We’re not your normal tax preparers.

Personal, Business and Crypto Currency Experts

At Bree Beers & Associates, we Love getting to know our clients. It’s that personal touch that helps each one achieve their goals through strategic tax planning and preparation in year one and every year thereafter. Whether you’re an individual with a W2 or a multi-state or international corporation, our 45 years of combined accounting experience ensures that every scenario is handled professionally, accurately and aligned with your goals.

Tax Planning

A tax strategist does more than just prepare your annual tax return. They work with you throughout the year. Tax planning and strategizing is our JAM at Bree Beers and Associates. Basic tax planning services can help you accomplish the following:

  • Ensure you have paid enough into Federal and State taxes
  • Calculate an estimate of what you’ll owe at year-end
  • Maximize current deductions and credits
  • Minimize your tax liability

Professional Tax & Accounting Expertise

Bree Beers & Associates, P.C. have been providing tax preparation, planning and consulting services for over 35 years. Our clients have taught us much, we are constantly educating ourselves, and each member of our staff is as friendly as the next. We are a next generation accounting firm, with traditional values and work ethic. At Bree Beers & Associates, we believe in delivering excellent service to all of our clients and treating everyone we come into contact with fairly, kindly and with the utmost respect. It’s how we do things here. It’s not common to hear the word “friendly” from an accounting firm, and we think that’s a shame. But around here, you will always be treated like a friend.

Crypto Currency Tax Expertise

Bree Beers & Associates, P.C. are advanced Crypto Tax Experts. We safely and properly file your crypto tax return and reduce your tax liability. All of our plans include our specially trained CPAs preparing your entire return, full reconciliation of all your crypto trades from the exchanges and wallets, bookkeeping, accounting, tax advisory, audit assistance, and our 100% accuracy guarantee.

Books with Beers Partnership

Bree Beers & Associates, P.C. works with leading bookkeepers, legal professionals, and financial advisors. If you seek excellent tax preparation, planning, and advisory services for your clients and colleagues, we’d like to meet you. Books with Beers, our partner program, helps us identify qualified and skilled professionals so that we may refer our clients to you, and so that you can refer yours to us. We look forward to meeting you.

Work with Us

BBA exists to arm people with the tools, knowledge, support & confidence to responsibly keep their hard-earned money in their pockets so they can invest it back into their business, into themselves, into their families, and/or into their future. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure proper compliance to audit-proof our clients’ annual tax returns.